About us

About Us

Radio Ads is a pool of talented professionals with experience in diverse fields of the media business in India. Our key team and founding members have brought together a unique combination of skill sets geared to deliver the best in every area of

The organisation provides a one-stop shop that delivers integrated media solutions, allowing advertisers the convenience of a single point for all their media requirements. This means insulation from the risks of dealing with several individual or uncoordinated
operators, enabling advertisers (big and small) to communicate more effectively and directly with their prospective clients.

At Radio Ads we like to keep track of market trends, including the most innovative and practical developments in the advertising media.

For marketers, the mass media are no longer the sole choice. Traditional media do retain an important advantage – they ride on the credibility that accrues from being part of a broadcast or publication invited into the home. But for many marketers today, traditional media advertising is a mere shotgun. The new technologies provide rifles, which can target prime prospects.

Integrating print, television, online and outdoor media means a wider reach and more fruitful advertising solutions, and Radio Ads aims at being the leading integrated media solutions provider in the rapidly growing Indian media market.

Why Radio Ads ?


Understanding Radio Ads

Radio Ads is an organization with an attitude to match. It takes an innovative approach to all your brand building requirements. It presents a resurgent mindset that is best expressed by the statement, “I believe I can make things happen”.

The Difference is Innovation

Existing agencies hope to offer a functional connect through the traditional mediums they suggest namely “PRINT”. With its “Innovation Brand Solution” positioning, Radio Ads has been immensely successful in making the emotionalconnect as well. All activities, beginning with ATL & BTL, work towards strengthening the emotional connect listeners share with the brand.



Why is Radio Ads Different ?

CREATIVE STRENGTH is the foundation of any campaign. This has been proved time and again by our innovative and cutting edge creatives.We work doubly hard at getting the BRAND COMMUNICATION for our clients right. Few of our successful campaign’s audio is attached for your ready reference.